Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fresh Malunggay Juice

I’ve heard one of these before. I just didn’t think it’s already available in the market.

Fresh Malunggay Juice

Just recently, I came to purchase a product called Fresh Malunggay Juice. I bought it out of curiosity since malunggay, though a very popular vegetable in the Philippines, isn’t commonly processed for beverage manufacturing.

To give you some background, malunggay (scientific name Moringa oleifera) is a leafy vegetable which commonly grows in the tropics. It is popular among Filipinos as a chief ingredient for various soups and an herbal medicine for the treatment of wounds.

Fresh Malunggay Juice, as marketed, is a food supplement that is rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and amino acids. A 130-ml bottle of this product is equivalent to 7-gram malunggay leaves or a bowl of malunggay soup. That’s quite a healthy intake already!

The juice produces a slightly weird smell upon opening it, but it would fade out seconds after. As to taste, well…it’s sweet and malunggay-ish. Lemon flavoring is added to make it more tolerable and tastebuds-friendly. So, cheers!

And by the way, I’ve just learned from this product’s info that malunggay is also known as a miracle vegetable. Cool! Now get a bottle of it ‘cause there can be miracles when you try to taste it. Ha!

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